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What does your face say about YOU?

Your face is a map of your body. Every blemish, crease, line, indentation, discoloration, patch of dryness or oiliness can mean something. That thing about your face that you don’t love so much? Well, start loving it, because it’s a part of who you are!

How It Works:



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What Will You Learn?

Your diagnosis will look like this picture here.

You will learn which face shape you have and what that means. Then, you will have an explanation of each feature and how they represent your health and personality. 

You will know yourself better so you can live a healthier, more authentic life!



For the most accurate diagnosis, here’s what we need:

Three photos of your face (from the neck up): one from the front, your right profile and your left profile.

  • Neutral expression – Face shapes are easiest to determine when the subject is not smiling.
  • Minimal to no makeup – Makeup is designed to cover blemishes and marking, all of which are wonderfully diagnostic.
  • Hair pulled back away from ears and forehead – Your hairline, ears and forehead are all diagnostic, so they need to be clearly visible.
  • Short facial hair, if possible – Long facial hair can make it difficult to assess face shape, chin and jaw.
  • No digital manipulation or filters – We want to see everything, “flaws” and all! (In facial diagnosis, there are no flaws.)
  • Good lighting and camera resolution – Do the best you can. We want to see you as clearly as possible.
  • Have another person take the picture (no selfies) – Phone cameras often distort features, making them look smaller or larger than they actually are.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera or take great photos. Just do the best you can!

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Facial diagnosis is a super power you can have, too! Learn why it’s important in your life and how to do it in the book, WTF? Why the Face: A Practical Guide to Health & Personality Through Facial Diagnosis.