Learn how to read faces with the book!

WTF? Why the Face:

A Practical Guide to Understanding Health and Personality through Facial Diagnosis

By Dr. Todd Frisch & Abbie Frisch Belliston

Based on decades of research and clinical experience, as well as hundreds of years of traditional Chinese medicine and Western healing philosophies, coauthors Dr. Todd Frisch and Abbie Frisch Belliston share their passion for facial diagnosis in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use, full color book that’s equal parts medical textbook, clinical case studies and practical advice.

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to decipher face shapes and facial markings so you can more effectively understand, diagnose, treat and communicate with patients. Not a medical professional? That’s okay! This book is for you, too. Use face reading techniques to build stronger connections with coworkers, friends, family members, customers, students, athletes and others with whom you interact daily. You might even learn a few things about yourself.

Authors/Face Readers

Dr. Todd Frisch

Dr. Todd was a chiropractor for 37 years, specializing in nutrition, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine and facial diagnosis. He is also the founder and developer of SHAPE ReClaimed. Retired and happy, Dr. Todd spends his time with his wife Linda, teaching doctors, writing books with his daughter, doing crossword puzzles, watching Packer games and sitting by his lake in northern Wisconsin.

Abbie Frisch Belliston

Abbie is a Ph.D. student and facial diagnosis fanatic. She currently serves as SHAPE ReClaimed’s Director of First Impressions, Tyler’s wife/admirer and Coltrane’s mom/snack-giver. To keep from imploding under the pressure of writing a book with her father, Abbie relaxes by watching sitcoms and doing jigsaw puzzles at home in St. Louis, Missouri.

What Readers Are Saying

A great reference for understanding yourself and others. Tying in eastern medicine philosophies and physiological tendencies make this book a go-to read on your path towards wellness. Excellent photograph quality to reinforce the examples and qualities. Appropriate for professionals and curious minds alike!

This is a must-have for every wellness library! (Plus it takes people-watching to a whole new level!)

These two, Dr. Frisch and his daughter Abbie, put a phenomenal book together. As a practitioner, it is a fantastic reference guide and diagnostic teaching tool. A beautiful balance of story-telling and educational/diagnostic information… If you’re interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial diagnosis or simply understanding people better, this is the book to get!

I expected a book that is text heavy and explains the academics behind face reading. Instead, this is a beautifully designed, functional handbook with vibrant colors and clear pictures of faces and facial features. As a non-medical person consumed by curiosity, this is the perfect book for me. Not only do I get the benefit of learning the philosophies behind the restorative health aspects of this practice, but I also get to learn how to do it myself… I’ll be able to use it every day to help understand what’s going on with me and the ones I love. I can also use it in business to know how to properly interact with my colleagues.

Beautifully illustrated book! So much information! Well-written and easy to understand!

This book is beautifully written, packed with helpful information and is full of excellent photos. It’s hard to put down! You will continue to pick this book up again and again!

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